Editorial Policy

This process ensures our articles are accurate, helpful, and expert-reviewed

Editorial Goals

Helpful & Accurate

Before Tax creates tax research and tools for everyday people. We strive to empower you with actionable tax insights and strategies to maximize control over your financial future.

Phase One


We base our articles on information from government and credible tax sources. We depend on official documentation and regulations from government entities like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and trusted tax organizations such as Ernst & Young.

Pair of glasses and pen resting on a stack of papers

Basing our analysis on accountable sources ensures our articles offer accurate and trustworthy information.

Phase Two

Peer Review

All our articles undergo a thorough peer-review process before publishing. This process ensures that all relevant research, as well as the needs of readers, is fully represented. This process repeats as many times as necessary until the articles fully reflect the research and requirements of the authors.

Phase Three

Editorial Decision

When articles contain sensitive financial or legal information, they will be reviewed by qualified professionals. Then the editor assesses the reviewer's feedback on the article. They can decide whether to accept, reject, or completely rewrite it.

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Articles may undergo multiple rounds of review and revision until the article is considered fully reviewed.

Guiding Principles

  • Quality Sources

    We ensure that all information presented is accurate, well-researched, and supported by official sources from relevant authorities. If we include other sources, we use only the most reputable organizations.

  • Understandable

    We aim to write clearly and concisely, making it understandable for everyone, regardless of tax experience.

  • Objectivity

    We avoid sensationalism and provide an objective view, avoiding misinformation or personal bias that may mislead our readers.

  • Practical

    We present a realistic picture of the difficulty, time, and effort required to implement a tax idea or strategy. Readers can then decide for themselves if it's something they consider worthwhile.

  • Defer to Experts

    We are clear about the importance of working with a qualified tax professional when necessary or when there’s sufficient risk involved.