Everything About The Cheese Tax and All The Most Viral Videos

  • Matt Jensen

Are you ready to pay your Cheese Tax? Don’t worry, this tax isn’t real and governments aren’t collecting it, however your dog could be.

The Cheese Tax is a viral song and video about a fictitious tax dogs collect every time you take the cheese out of the fridge. The song became a meme that started on TikTok and spead to other social media sites in February of 2023. The original video reached over 11.6 million views in a few days.

Watch the original TikTok and other viral fan videos below:

Next, we’ll explore the origin of the Cheese Tax, how it spread, and the most popular moments of this trending meme on social media.

What is the Cheese Tax?

The Cheese Tax is a comedic song about dogs demanding a share of the cheese from their owners every time they take it out of the fridge. The original video includes the catchy song along with the songwriter’s dog claiming his tax.

Since the original upload, the Cheese Tax has become a popular meme inspiring thousands of related posts on social media.

Cheese Tax Lyrics

The cheese tax! The cheese tax!
You've got to pay the cheese tax
Every time you're cooking
When the cheese comes out
This puppy comes looking

The rules are the rules
And the facts are the facts
And when the cheese drawer opens
You've got to pay the tax

The cheese tax! The cheese tax!
Hand it over quick
Or things might get ugly
I can get really loud
I'm a really barky puppy
I'm not just asking
Because I'm looking for snacks
This is real important business
And you've got to pay the tax

The cheese tax! The cheese tax!
Cheddar is acceptable, and Parmesan is fine
But a little bit of Gouda would really blow my mind
There's no escaping, so don't try to dodge
Pay the dairy tarriff! The collection of fromage!

The cheese tax! The cheese tax!

Where to Find More Cheese Tax Videos?

The best place to find more videos is TikTok #cheesetax with over 40,000 relevant videos.

However, you can find plenty of funny #cheesetax videos on other popular social media sites:

Who Created the Cheese Tax?

The Cheese Tax was created by Matt Hobbs, an Atlanta-based songwriter and producer. He shared the “Cheese Tax” song for the first time on its PuppySongs TikTok page, in February 2023.

How Did It Become a Trend?

When Matt Hobbs posted his video on his TikTok channel Puppy Songs, it quickly reached 11.6 million views. Not long after, his followers began to release their own videos of dogs demanding the Cheese Tax.

It was just a matter of days before the Cheese Tax was on all social media platforms. Today there are thousands of posts and videos tagged with #cheesetax.

The trend was so popular that even major cheese company Kraft joined in on the fun. In March of 2023, they launched a limited-edition Cheese Tax pack, which includes 15 cheese slices for humans and one specifically for dogs.

Original Instagram post by Kraft Cheese of a dog behind a pack of Kraft singles cheese tax pack.
Can You Feed Cheese to Your Dog?

The answer is yes, but only with moderation!

According to the American Kennel Club: you can feed some cheeses to your dogs in small amounts. However, some dogs may be lactose intolerant.

So check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog cheese.

Ready to Pay Your Cheese Tax?

Now that you know all about the Cheese Tax, always remember:

The rules are the rules, and the facts are the facts, and when the cheese drawer opens, you've got to pay the tax!

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